Abriana attended A New Beginning School Of Massage in Austin Tx and received her license in 2016. 

Since 2016 she has dove headfirst into the functional body and how to optimize her massage practice. From this, she has learned how to help athletes function better both inside and outside the gym and/or their specific sport.

Once she learned more about the human body in-depth she realized that ANYONE could benefit from her services.

Although Abriana is specialized in bodywork for bodybuilders/powerlifters and gym enthusiasts – she is willing to listen and connect with any client who needs her help.

Abriana played sports her entire life and currently trains with a bodybuilding team so she understands the demand that an active lifestyle put on the human body.

Since Abriana has such a passion for health and fitness, she also coaches a small group of women. 

Outside of being a business owner/bodyworker she is also a wife and a mother. Her hobbies consist of playing soccer, bodybuilding, being outdoors, and hanging out with her tiny human.