Abriana moved down to Austin Tx from Stillwater Oklahoma in 2015. In 2016 she attended a privately owned massage school “A New Beginning School of Massage” – where Abriana found her passion in human anatomy & functional movement. Abriana opened up “The Body Rebuilder” in the height of Covid in 2020 with a dream to someday open her own clinic(which she finally did) Over the years her business has evolved it into what it is today. The Body Rebuilder is now Proudly known as TBR Wellness & Rehab. 

Abriana has experience working on but not limited to professional athletes in a variety of sports (bodybuilders, powerlifters, crossfitters, long distance runners, sprinters, football, basketball, baseball, swimming, etc)

In 2022, Abriana dove head first into rehabilitation work using a method called Neurokinetic Therapy. Where she has moved away from treating just athletes & has moved into treating chronic pain cases. 

Abriana pairs together her tools & has created “Neuro-Rehab” sessions. In her sessions she utilizes NKT (neurokinetic therapy), Corrective Exercise, gait assessments, postural assessments, mobility assessment, stability assessments & massage techniques to help her clients. 

Abriana specializes in treating chronic conditions. Her service is often used as a “last attempt” when all other methods of treatment have failed, while it comes from a more holistic approach – Abriana has extensive knowledge over the human body & understands that all pain is unique & cant be treated the same. 

Abriana’s goal with TBR is to create a space that is welcoming to all people to be treated; from children to adults. She wants to create a space of healing & inspire people to learn about their body, so they can move freely & painlessly. 

In Abriana’s free time, she likes to be outside gardening, playing games, doing puzzles, eating good food + much more. But most importantly, Abriana likes to spend time with her loving husband & her daughter Finley.