Dr. Trace McClintock is a licensed physical therapist practicing within the Department of Veterans Health and Administration. After graduating from Governors State University in 2018, Trace moved to Texas to begin working at the Central Texas Veterans Healthcare System. As a Health Professionals Scholarship Program recipient, his career has always been within the Veterans Affairs (VA) system serving our nation’s Veterans.

Through his first 5 years, Trace has practiced in inpatient/ICU acute care, skilled nursing, outpatient physical therapy and specializes in treating patients after orthopedic surgeries as well as those with chronic pain. Utilizing Manual Therapy, Dry Needling, and a movement/education focused intervention strategy, we continue to see improved outcomes for his patients. Outside of the clinic, Trace practices Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and has worked with World, ADCC, and PanAmerican champions and medalists to address their injury concerns. This has led to an amazing partnership with TBR to try and expand his return to sport clientele and make a larger impact in the community.