Neuro-Rehab is a brain based bodywork session. This holistic approach focuses less on creating strength and more on teaching your brain & body how to be connected again. 

Neuro-Rehab uses tools such as Neurokinetic Therapy(muscle testing method), Corrective Exercise, Postural Assessment, Gait Assessment, Massage Therapy Techniques + much to understand the ins & outs of YOUR body. After every session your therapist will write a self care plan to help you reach your goals.

This session is good for people looking to increase their brain body connection, deal with chronic or acute pain, & help with imbalances.

We understand that pain is incredibly complex & individual to each person. We dont believe 1 approach fixes all things.

While our therapists have a high success rate with pain management, we know that sometimes you need MORE, we have many connections both within our own facility as well as with other practitioners to make sure that you are getting all the care your body needs


This massage is a combination of light to medium pressure to help release & relax your body & mind. This session can help with but not limited to – stress reduction, increase circulation, promote relaxation, help with sleep, & tend to achy muscles/joints. This session is more of a full body flow & the goal is to leave feeling refreshed. This session does not treat injuries, but we will spend time in areas of more concern.


This massage is geared toward relieving deep aches & pains of the body. Deep tissue uses a more specialized approach to target injuries & acute/chronic pain. It can be utilized both as a full body massage or site specific massage depending on the clients need. This massage has the goal of reducing pain, increasing range of motion in joint, and helping open up areas of tightness.


This session uses extremely light touch to help facilitate better circulation. It can be used for, but not limited to; acute inflammation such as tendonitis or sprained/swollen ankles or more chronic inflammatory issues such as arthritis, it can help decongest  your sinus, help reduce inflammation post op (once approved by doctor) & help support your organ functions. Lymphatic Drainage has several medical uses, but can also be used to help reduce inflammation post workout, or help in peak week for a bodybuilding show.


Lymphatic Drainage is a medical based practice that works with the lymphatic system to help reduce inflammation and support your immune system.


If your child has a medical history, please consult with your childs doctor before booking the appointment.


This session uses extremely light touch to help facilitate better circulation. 

For infants & babies, it can be used to help with digestion problems, sinus congestion, help relieve symptoms of colic or acid reflux, help with sleep + more.

For children & teens MLD can help post injury from a fall or sprain to reduce bruising & swelling, help with digestion issues, help with sinus issues + more. 


Parents must stay present during the entire session.


Stretch Therapy uses a variety of different stretching techniques to help release & relax areas that hold tension. These stretches will utilize a combination of long isometrics stretches or short deep stretches to target the areas that need it the most. Stretch Therapy is great for the body nervous system & helps the body move more freely.  Stretch therapy is great for anyone who has chronic tightness, is sore from a workout, wants better mobility & flexibility. With every stretch session, your therapist will send you home with 3-5 stretches to work on between sessions. 


Functional Mobility is a movement based class based on the human body’s natural functional patterns. What most people don’t know is that all humans have certain patterns that we move in. 

Some patterns can be considered “dysfunctional” – a dysfunctional pattern can be things such as but not limited to forward rolled shoulders, slouching posture, constant hip tightness, imbalance in the body + much more. These dysfunctional movement patterns can cause pain or compensation in the body. The goal of this class is to help you move more freely & feel better moving in your own body as you move. We take your body through full ranges of motion to help you create more joint & muscle resiliency. 


The Functional Strength class is very closely related to our functional mobility class except we add in weight & resistance to help create more strength & resiliency in your joints & movement patterns. The goal with this class is to help you learn how to build strength in multiple planes of motion so that you are less likely to be injured in your day to day life. You always hear of someone “rotated wrong” & tweaking their back, when in actuality – most of the time someone didn’t actually move wrong, they just never trained their spine in that plane of motion & the load used was too much. This class is a perfect way to help you combat injury & create better movement for LIFE. 


Our yoga classes are intended to be slow-paced but still challenging. Our yoga instructors focus more on how the movement feels & less how the movement looks. Yoga is a sacred & beautiful practice meant to help restore the body, calm the mind & create balance in our body. Our instructor will listen to your needs & 


Our assisted stretch class is geared towards helping people get into deeper stretches. In this class, our stretch therapist will take you through a variety of stretches to help release tension, increase flexibility and range of motion. During this class you will get into a stretch & hold that stretch for a duration of time, while you’re holding, our stretch instructor will go around to help assist you into deeper stretches. Pulling & pushing lightly & with your body & breath to help you become away from areas of more tightness & tension. This class is amazing for your nervous systems stress response & helping your body feel safe in new ranges of motion. 


We offer sauna, cold plunge therapy & compression sleeve therapy (arms, legs & hips) at our location. 

Our recovery tools are free to use for anyone who purchases a membership with us. The recovery tools must be booked ahead of time online to ensure that no one is in the process of using them. 


Our goal with adding in the childcare is to ensure that parents & guardians are able to receive the care & treatment they need to move & live pain free. 

Our childcare service is not a licensed childcare facility, this means that parents must stay on premise during the entire duration that the child is in the childcare room. Our childcare provider comes equipped with 12 different certifications that she took through Texas A&M, as well as has 5 years of experience both nannying & having her own kid. We keep making sure that first aid & CPR certifications are up to date.