This massage is geared more towards addressing sports related aches and pains using massage therapy techniques and modalities such as deep tissue, trigger point, stretching + more. This will usually be a full body session, unless you request for it to be localized. 

This session is great for clients who are dealing with general tightness and soreness – as well as people looking to up their recovery game. There are several other benefits of getting a massage that range from faster recovery, to better blood flow, nervous system regulation, improved sleep + much more!

While these sessions can have some discomfort, we like to work with your body and not against it to make sure we never put your body into a fight or flight response – we do this by focusing on your breath and listening/watching your body’s reactions to pressure. We will communicate with you through your entire session to make sure the pressure is what you need and want. If both therapist and client deem fit, cupping and muscle scraping (IASTM) can also be utilized during session at no extra charge.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

This massage is extremely gentle and non-invasive. We truly only work skin deep, since that is where the lymphatic system flows. Within the lymphatic drainage massage we work ONLY with the lymphatic system to help with but not limited to – chronic inflammation, sinus drainage, bloating or water retention, headaches, and to help with water retention before a bodybuilding show. If you’re someone who deals with inflammatory conditions or immune system issues. Lymphatic drainage is a great option to help support your body through its natural healing processes. 

Your lymphatic system is an organ system that is a part of our immune system – it’s our body’s natural inflammatory response to help clean out toxins to decrease risk of infection or disease. The lymphatic system works extremely close to (but not limited to) our spleen, thymus and tonsils. So Lymphatic Drainage is also great for organ health. Since the session is so gentle, lymphatic drainage is great for people needing to relax, or regulate their nervous system. It helps with sleep and our circulatory system as well.

Movement based Massage

This session is geared towards helping people regain functionality through improving movement patterns and nervous system signaling. This session uses a muscle testing diagnostic called Neurokinetic therapy to figure out where compensation patterns are occurring and how to help your body let go of them. This session is great for clients who have injury related pain, old compensation patterns, dysfunctional scar tissue, + more. The main clientele for these sessions are people who have chronic pain conditions or movement/overuse related injuries. 

In these sessions we will do a full assessment – from assessing your relaxed anatomical position, your overhead squat, your gait + more. After each session Abriana will send a document with homework to be completed to help fix old compensation patterns. This session is only as good as the work you’re willing to do outside of the treatment room. If you’re not willing to do 15-30 mins of homework every day, this session is not meant for you as it is geared towards healing your body through movement.

This session is NOT strictly massage – so be prepared to move during the session. If you’re wanting strictly a sports massage with no movement or mobility – please sign up under that category to work with one of our sports massage therapists!


Did you know that we breathe in and out about 22,000 times a day.

Emma Ferris, a physiotherapist and breathing coach with the Breath Effect, says 80 percent of the population have breathing dysfunctions and have developed poor techniques throughout the years. Our goal within this session is to help you breathe in a way that supports your nervous system and body as a whole. 

Breathwork coaching sessions aim to encourage activation of the abdominal muscles and diaphragm in order to restore a more balanced rib cage and pelvis, resulting in increased oxygenation, improved force generation, improved posture, and improved range of motion. During the session, you can expect to run through an easy series of range-of-motion tests with your massage therapist to gain a clearer picture of compensatory patterns in your body. After going through the tests, your massage therapist will coach you through a series of breathing practices to encourage alignment of the diaphragm, abdominal muscles, and pelvic floor. After the session, you will receive a link to reference test findings and instructions on how to practice your prescriptive breathing practice to help promote balance in your body.

Breathwork is truly amazing for every single client but can really help improve the life of people with high stress jobs or people who sit at a desk or in a car for extended periods of time.


Mat-based bodywork is a non-traditional fusion of techniques drawing from sports massage, Thai massage, acupressure, and Swedish. Some of the techniques used are rhythmic rocking, cupping, and proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. This bodywork style is geared towards reducing aches and pains, improving range of motion, and improving injury resistance. 

As the name suggests, mat-based sessions are performed on a mat on the floor. This format allows the massage therapist to utilize deep pressure – up to full body weight – through using feet, knees, and legs in addition to the traditional hands, forearms, and elbows. 

This session is great for clients who are dealing with general tightness and soreness – as well as people looking to up their recovery game. Thicker than a traditional massage table, the mat also provides an added point of feedback and support to the part of the body receiving pressure, offering additional therapeutic benefits.

There are several other benefits of getting a mat- based that range from faster recovery, to better blood flow, nervous system regulation, improved sleep + much more!