The Body rebuilder questions

While we understand that life happens, we are a small business & we have reserved a spot specifically for you with one of our amazing massage therapists. Our cancellation policy is stated as – 25% charge for any appointment cancelled or reschedule within the 24 hours before an appointment. 100% charge for anyone who no call/no shows to the appointment. 

We are a family owned & family friendly environment. Our goal is inclusiveness to all ages & all people. When you come inside you will be greeted by the therapist that you’re working with that day. Depending on your session, you may need to be up & moving around. So always come prepared with athletic wear. Jeans or other material make it extremely hard for our therapist to do their job correctly. 

This all depended on the client & their preferred pressure. Although our goal is to never damage the tissue, if the client is insisting on deeper & deeper pressure throughout the session. This can come with bruising. 

Cupping and muscle scraping will leave bruise like marks on the skins. These marks can last up to a month but are usually gone within 14 days. Some clients just bruise easier than others – if it’s your first time seeing the therapist, let them know if any bruising occurs so they adjust their pressure accordingly for the next time.